I swear I recognise your shape / Haunting, familiar, yet, I can’t seem to place it / Cannot find the candle of thought to light your hem /

Ok ok I’m not funny. But seriously, I started making this skirt in NOVEMBER 2009!!! It was the first garment I started sewing after taking a few beginner classes at Thread Den. I got to the point of finishing the waistband.

By the time I had my own sewing machine, a couple of years later, it didn’t fit me. So it sat in the unfinished pile of doom. Languished in fact. For almost five years.

I finally dragged it out to finish, before Japan last year. It’s made from beautiful wool from Tessuti. (in 2009). I eventually decided to sacrifice the front panel, cut a wider one, and add a creatively-named accidental ‘button tab’ to the waistband to extend its length. Not perfect, obviously. And the hem would be better hand sewn than machine stitched, but I was about to fly overseas so, you know, busy.

But I love it. And it gets a lot of use, so that’s the main thing.



Did I mention I like Pearl Jam? Eddie Vedder on the brain…


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