Top 5 of 2013

I am loving reading the blog round ups for the end of the year. Mostly to see everyone’s pictures again!

I’m in Japan right now, following Gillian’s most helpful tips for finding sewing shops and other lovely places. So this comes to you from my i-device!!


1. Most worn

These black pants. I wear them for work probably twice a week. They’re far from perfect, especially after a zip-related disaster. But they’re a good shape for me and comfortable. And I’m very glad I converted the front from a button closure to pockets! *pats self on back*

I can throw on a jacket with them and often wear them with a mustard coloured, long-sleeve silk blouse. Or with the blouse at number 2…

2. Second most worn item!

It’s a bit of a stretch to include this category, but whatevs.

I made this blouse to wear for frocktails. I was still sewing buttonholes half an hour before the time to arrive! And true confessions – *whispers* still haven’t hemmed the darn thing! Oops.

Anyway, I love the shape of the blouse and the keyhole neckline, love the fabric and colour and wear it a lot for work and going out.

3. Absolute favourite thing

My black circle skirt, hands down. I took time to finish it all properly, so the inside and the outside are pretty. The jacquard fabric has bounce so it practically flounces itself. Plus, it’s twirly.

4. Things I’ve learnt

Mostly these are knitting related actually. I have LOADS to learn in the world of sewing, but I can kind of manage to throw something together in a haphazard way and make something resembling a wearable item (possible exception was learning boning and shirring in preparation for last year’s NYE party and following Amanda’s lapped zip tutorial for my circle skirt).

Knitting, not so much. Every step just about involves something new. First finished garments, first lace pattern, first chart, first wrap and turn, first short rows, &c. And I tried a lot of different ways to tension my yarn, so as to avoid RSI, finally finding something that worked for me.

When I don’t know how to do something, I look on YouTube or google it. There is ALWAYS an answer out there. Or I take it to crafternoon and ask my knitting oracle, Carolyn.

I’ll always sew a little bit, come what may, because it’s necessary – when you’re short like me, hemming and mending will always be virtually essential skills! But I hope I always knit too, because I’m falling in love.

5. Favourite item for someone else

Definitely the chenille chevron blanket for my loveliest friends’ baby.


And now for evidence of lovely Japan purchases:



One thought on “Top 5 of 2013

  1. gilliancrafts says:

    What a great bunch of things you’ve made this year! Such careful work on the details! I”m looking forward to seeing what you make over the next year!

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