Knitting: I’m learning (slowly)

Let’s start with the good.

A few weeks ago, a very lovely friend gave birth to twins. After much difficulty in the pregnancy, this was happy and welcome news. I found a beanie pattern for newborns, bought wool and had knit each beanie over a couple of hours each. Knitting for newborns was a revelation. The speed!

I’m pretty happy with them both. I think my cast ons could improve, if the pictures are anything to go by. But otherwise, no mistakes. These were my first hats, ever. I just hope they fit!

Wool is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, purchased at Morris & Sons. Ravelled here.






Now for the not-so-good.

I started knitting ‘hobo gloves’ as a first project when I started learning to knit. My sisters thought this was hilarious and asked for some. April, specifically, requested navy with a grey stripe. So I dutifully started knitting them, oh, around a year ago. Pattern is this one, recommended by my favourite knitter, Carolyn.

Anyway, I made a few modifications: adding a couple of rows of straight stitching, to be joined by a button loop across the hem; the stripe; and extra rows in the thumb gusset for Large Girl Hands.

Did I write down my amendments? Maybe, somewhere. Could I find them again? No. Did I wing it, without counting and double checking my work properly when returning to make glove 2 approximately 1 year later? Yes, naturally.

I am a bad knitter. Not going back on the work even once I realised that the length was different from one to the other. Struggling to fix the cast off on the long-since-finished left glove after it unravelled in my knitting bag. Trying an Elizabeth Zimmerman bind off on the second one, realising it was better than a standard cast off, trying it on the first one again and making a totally botched job of it.

Well, the gloves were well overdue as a promised birthday gift. I don’t have many hours free for knitting and I’m slow and still struggle to work out what I’m looking at when I unpick rows. I have put these gloves down to ‘charm’ and promised my sister that I will make her something better once I have mad knitting skillz. She could be waiting a while.




2 thoughts on “Knitting: I’m learning (slowly)

  1. Julie says:

    OH this is SO something I would do (the mittens, not the gorgeous beanies, which are truly delightful). Although I wouldn’t have the guts or knowledge to even make modifications in the first place. But the winging it, totally and the results of winiging it, totally.

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