Holiday sewing – circle skirt

Skirt's first night-time outing

Skirt’s first night time outing

Polyester horsehair braid, handstitched

Polyester horsehair braid, handstitched

I love my new circle skirt. It took me a lot longer than I anticipated to make it, not least because hand sewing the horsehair braid into the hem to add stiffness took approximately 5 million hours. But I’m glad I took the time to do it properly.

I mainly followed the sew-a-long at Casey’s Elegant Musings and some of the online tutorials from Gertie.

I made it using beautiful polyester jacquard from Tessuti: here.


Inside of waistband, handstitched down

Inside of waistband, handstitched down

Waistband - piping detail

Waistband – piping detail

A couple of issues in the making – when I sewed it all up, the waist on the skirt (before I attached the waistband) was too big. I’m not sure how – perhaps the fabric stretched. Perhaps I allowed a wider seam allowance than I recalled. Anyway, before I attached the waistband I had to take in one of the side seams. I left the seam quite deep, because I’d already bound all the open seams with satin bias binding.

Also – attaching the piping along the waistband was a pretty slippery job and in parts I sewed a bit closer to the edge of the fabric than ideal. To ensure that the inside of the waistband was really secure I decided to pull it down taut and hand sew it in place. More time consuming – but more accurate.

Lapped zipper detail

Lapped zipper detail

Inside of lapped zipper - detail

Inside of lapped zipper – detail

I trawled the internet and my various sewing books for a good lapped zipper tutorial. How is it that they all skip over that pesky issue of the lack of fabric where the seams join, etc etc. Anyway – I found the best tutorial over at Bobbins and Whimsy. Seriously. Read it people.


Yes, that's a pomegranate on the carpet

Yes, that’s a pomegranate on the carpet



It’s so twirly! I love it.


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