High waisted work pants

I decided some time ago that I needed new black pants. My other black work pants had seen their end and I wanted some a little more in my style.

Last summer I made these shorts.

Red Sailor Shorts

Red Sailor Shorts


The pattern is from Thread Den and also comes in pants.

Summer Sweet Shorts - Image courtesy Thread Den

Summer Sweet Shorts – Image courtesy Thread Den

High Waisted Pants – Image courtesy Thread Den

I love high waisted pants. Who doesn’t? Picture women like these:

Katharine Hepburn - in pants

Katharine Hepburn – in pants (image courtesy suckitmartha.wordpress.com)

Audrey Hepburn in sailor pants

Audrey Hepburn in sailor pants (image courtesy tomboystyle.blogspot.com.au)

Lix from The Hour

I decided to use the pattern I already had from Thread Den, but wanted to modify the front to remove the button closures and make them a little more formal in style. I changed the button placket and turned it into self-drafted pockets, relying on Tasia’s wonderful tutorial on slash pockets, designed for her crescent skirt. Sew-along-post here: http://sewaholic.net/crescent-sew-along-11-sewing-slash-pockets/

I had to modify the waistband so that it wrapped right around the waist and added a side closure with a zip. I was a bit worried about the waistband, because it meant that the band would curve right across the grain of the fabric. It turned out ok and I sewed the waistband on by ‘stitching in the ditch’.

Here’s some shots of the work in progress – which was last November!!

Pictures of the finished pants to come!


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