Gertie’s Tiki Sundress – Shirring & Boning

I am in the midst of making Gertie’s tiki sundress, from Gertie’s Book for Better Sewing:

Gerti’es Tiki Sundress

I did a quick muslin yesterday, explored about 6 fabric shops looking for suitable printed cotton (hoping for hawaiian barkcloth, but no cigar), washed the fabric, left it to dry while we ate tacos, then embarked on the bodice work.

So far, it’s involved shirring and boning in the bodice, both of which are new to me. I remain skeptical about whether the boning will sit right and won’t stab me, but I think it will be easier to tell once the bodice pieces are together.

Rigilene Boning Bodice lining with Rigilene Boning Visible side of lining, with boning channels

The shirring worked really well and I’m looking forward to seeing it in the dress. It’s like magic, the part at the end where you apply steam and watch it shrink! Some dark arts at work.



Putting the bodice together doesn’t now seem too difficult – however the thought of creating the side draped pencil skirt (today) to attach to the bodice is sort of terrifying. Fingers crossed.


5 thoughts on “Gertie’s Tiki Sundress – Shirring & Boning

  1. Manas says:

    Thanks Belle! I’ve thought of doing that course – everyone who has done it has given rave reviews. Plus, is very tempting to have an awesome fitted party frock…

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