Another banskia blouse; sewing relief

I’m not going to lie. The butterscotch peony is stressing me out. And now it’s getting warm, so wool tweed isn’t exactly ideal. The pieces are cut. Now they taunt me from the basket next to the telly.

So, obviously the best answer is to sew something else. I had the fabric handy for another banksia top, I know it works and fits and is relatively straightforward, so yesterday afternoon I got to it.

I was lazy. No pre-shrinking fabric. (It’s hard, ok? No washing machine, no clothesline, balcony or courtyard. Whatevs. I’ll handwash in cold water!) I wanted to make the collar squared off this time, but I didn’t even bother to cut a new pattern piece. See?

But I did make binding tape for the neckline. And I made the harder placket version, with no raw edges. Of course, because I was doing it at midnight, I had to unpick it twice and fix it this morning. And I made a little tag from some awesome vintage ‘scriptor’ I found on Rathdowne St a while ago. Side seams are french finished, so there are *literally* no raw edges on this. I guess there will be once I do the shoulder seams, but still. I’m pretty happy with it so far.

And yes, I can see the tension issues with the straight stitches in the close up photos of the placket!


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