Melbourne love

So last weekend while Mum was visiting, we had a great weekend in Melbourne.

Saturday night, dinner at Rockwell & Sonss, the new restaurant of Bella’s Collectanea and her lovely chef; walking home I saw our friend Donica in the front window of another place in Smith St (couldn’t catch your eye to wave, sorry!) and told Mum how we came to know her and Joe; I saw a sign in the window of Books for Cooks and told Mum all about Virginia, who works with Joe and the brilliant eBook achievements.

Sunday, I laughed about ‘going south of the river’ and shared pp244-245 of Sophie Cunningham’s Melbourne with Mum (who’s from Victoria, but swears the north/south divide was not something people talked about in her day. The south eastern suburbs had the last laugh though, because they’ve got Borsch Vodka Tears and Chapel Street Bazaar and I’d be lying if I didn’t say we had a ball. In fact, we got lost in Chapel St Bazaar for several hours, with me in particular lost in the glorious haberdashery stall. We rounded off Sunday watching The Sapphires at The Rivoli, which is a well restored and beautiful deco cinema.

Melbourne is a tremendous city and I feel so privileged to have met and come to be friends with some of its best people.

Here are some photos of the Bazaar and my haberdashery treasures – I couldn’t resist a few!













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