Long time, no post

I have been pretty busy lately. Mostly not with sewing-related activities.

But I did finally manage to finish my peony toile. The fit is pretty good. I wouldn’t say perfect – once I added the skirt to the bodice there were…issues. I can’t remember why, about 3 drafts ago, I added length to the bodice, but I think it was part of the problem. I will show some pictures of me wearing it, but for now, here’s some on a hanger. You can even see on the hanger where the excess fabric sits at the bodice/skirt seam.




Despite many series of adjustments to the pattern, which emanated from bodice changes, I somehow forgot or failed to properly make consequential changes to the back bodice, which I had to fit as I went. a problem I’ve had with each iteration of this bodice is excess fabric where the facing joins the shoulder seam, so the fabric is a bit bunched up there.


There are two extra darts in my bodice: an armhole dart and a second dart at the bottom.

I would really like this dress to fit but so far it’s been very difficult to get close to a neat fit. Working when I’m tired hasn’t helped and all in all it’s taken about 3 unpickings to make this muslin!



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