Peony in action

Last week I was rushing to finish my wearable muslin for the Colette Peony dress, before jetting off on a frivolous holiday to Bali for my mate’s 30th birthday.

As is so often the case, I was still finishing the handstitching at 6am before I ran out the door, but I got it done. It’s very rough, no finishing, and I’m not happy with the fit. But I could get away with it, luckily, so it got an outing at the 30th birthday dinner.

I didn’t used to like the idea of a wearable muslin – I figured that if the fabric was cheap enough to sacrifice through multiple adjustments or piff altogether when all when pear-shaped, then I probably wouldn’t want to wear it. But then I realised that it was a perfect idea for this dress. I bought a light polka dot cotton for $6/m and between the zip and extra thread the whole thing cost me $27. I’ve decided that even though it doesn’t fit quite right, it’s close enough that rather than fix this one up, I’ll just make another wearable muslin before cutting into the expensive and lovely wool I bought for the ‘final’ version.

Notes on adjustments – the neckline is too wide and gapes at the front, I think I need to do a short torso adjustment and the waist area seems a bit large. I already accounted for a large waist adjustment in the skirt pattern although in hindsight it probably wasn’t necessary. I’m going to re-trace and cut pattern pieces based on these instructions from Tilly and the Buttons, then try again.

So here it is, anyway. My husband took the photo of me sewing it, two weekends ago.



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