Banksia blouse – the beginning

Today I made up a muslin for the blouse. Because I love the pattern and I want to love the finished blouse. And I’m too scared to experiment with the liberty fabric until I’m SURE I have the right fit.

Being borderline in a couple of measurements, I decided to make up a medium. It fit relatively well around the shoulders and bust, but was a bit, well, blousey everywhere else. I thought I’d try a small instead. So I ripped apart the muslin, re-cut the pieces (or most of them anyway) to a small and tried again. WAAAAAY too tight in the shoulders and across the back.

So I’ve decided to sew a medium, but I’ll make it shorter and a bit narrower in the torso/waist by using the short torso ‘slash’ adjustment recommended in the Colette Sewing Handbook.

Here’s a couple of sneaky photos, which show that my sleeve setting needs to improve. I discovered I need more ease in the front and less in the back.



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