Upcoming project: ‘Banskia’ blouse

So while I was home sick recently, with very little energy to do anything other than knit and browse sewing blogs, I went a bit nuts on backstitch.co.uk and bought all the patterns I’d been eyeing off for a while:

The blouse is first cab off the rank, because I have fabric that’s been waiting patiently for the right pattern to come along: Liberty Tana Lawn ‘Eliza’ in coral and indigo. (I have inserted Megan’s own promo photo below to show what the blouse looks like, next to the fabric – I encourage all, you know, 3 of my readers to visit her website at the link below and buy her patterns! I bought my pattern via Backstitch because it’s quicker to ship to Melb from UK rather than US. Megan is a Perth girl and therefore must be awesome.)

My Liberty Eliza fabric

I don’t generally go for very pretty things (to wear, at least) but I couldn’t resist picking up some liberty cotton last summer in the sales. Partly because I saw a gorgeous blouse made from Liberty Wiltshire last season and fell in love. Why I thought “I could make something like that” instead of “I should buy this top that I love” is beyond me, but there you go. I bought my own bolt of the Wiltshire tana lawn in black and green but haven’t yet decided what to do with it. I am contemplating making up the Colette Pastille in it, but I think the whole thing might be a bit too girly. Maybe I need two Banksia blouses?

The liberty lawn is soft and silky to touch and I think it will sew up into a beautiful blouse, if I can get up the guts to put the shears through it! I’ll definitely be making a muslin first for this one.


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