Ruched Maternity Skirt

One of the recent projects I have worked on is a maternity skirt for one of my work colleagues. I found nice Megan Neilsen maternity pattern and offered to sew a plain black skirt – which my friend needed and I was happy to do, for more seeing practice. It came out well in the end, I think and is comfy for my friend, which was the goal after all. And, it looks good – phew!


Fabric was a lovely thick Lycra blend I found for $5 in the Clegs remnant sale over summer. Bonus!

I added a bow to the centre front, because it’s a little hard to tell the difference otherwise – and it’s an important difference when you need that much stretch over your belly. The side ruching is created by stitching elastic into the side seams.



I hemmed the bottom using a zig zag stitch, although if I’d had a stretch twin needle I’d have preferred that finish, because the zig zag made the fabric curl a little – perhaps I should’ve lengthened the zig zag stitch length too, now that I think about it. As was obvious from my last post, I still have plenty to learn – especially when it comes to stretch fabric.

It was nice when I wrapped it up to realise I had a Melbourne postcard from Andrew Wurster that matched the ribbon perfectly.



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