Box Stitch – Wash Cloth

This is the link to the most recent quick project I completed: Elizabeth Carls’ wash cloth #2. Not sure whether you may need to join ravelry to view it?

Lovely box stitch.

On a scale of one to hopelessly daggy, how bad is knitting your own face washers?

Mea culpa: as you can see from the photo, I mucked up one of the lines of counting and the stitches are out of order. I’m keeping it as is, as a continuing reminder to COUNT while knitting! It’s all learning…





One thought on “Box Stitch – Wash Cloth

  1. Julie says:

    I love it, in all it’s wonky glory. I am particularly partial to craft projects that are not perfect. One of my daughters always says that is how you can tell they are home made and if you wanted perfect, you’d buy it in a shop.

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