Work In Progress

I have just started knitting a baby blanket for a friend who’s due to give birth in May. I’m excited because last night I finally finished the 10-row garter stitch border, which means tonight I can commence the basket weave pattern. I expect I’ll be less excited about it in 20 or so rows.

Here’s my ravelry project page. And here’s a photo of the progress:


I’m also part way through knitting ‘hobo’ gloves for my sisters. Fingerless gloves were my own first project, which I worked on while on the plane to Perth to visit family. My sisters thought this hilarious but promptly asked for their own. My wonky ones are here:


I have two pieces of liberty printed cotton, the first of which was purchased to make a blouse – but I’ve not yet found a pattern I’m happy with. The second is black with green flowers and I bought it purely because it was on sale and I thought it fun. And so the fabric stash grows…

Ink & Spindle Homewares

I want to make cushion covers for a couple of cushions hanging around our lounge and I bought a remnant pile from ink & spindle to help… Plus a little red velvet for accents! I’m hoping for something that looks a little like the picture above.

I have a lovely woollen A-line skirt that I started sewing about 3 years ago in a class at Thread Den. I loved it then, although it was a bit of a squeeze, despite help with the fit. Unfortunately time passed without ready access to a sewing machine, so it sits unfinished in my stash. It is now completely beyond help (fit-wise) so I’ve decided to sacrifice the front panel of the skirt, insert a bigger panel and make a completely new waistband. It’s such beautiful fabric and I’d love to make it up for winter, now I have a sewing machine to hand.

My Colette Sewing Handbook arrived early in the new year and project #1 is the meringue skirt. I have bought grey wool to make the skirt with and I’m looking forward to starting on it.

Finally, I have barely started a botanic illustration course, so I’ve got to put a bit of time and love into the first assignments so that I can progress to assessment two. I’m doing the remote course with Leonie Norton, which allows me to take my time and fit in the practice when I can. But I think I need to try harder.

So – that’s probably only the tip of the iceberg. I’d be grateful for a bit of peer pressure to make me finish some of these bits and pieces and avoid becoming a fabric hoarder.




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