Five favourites

I haven’t received my Colette sewing book yet, although I’m looking forward to it arriving soon. In the meantime I’ve been reading the excerpts Sarai has blogged on her internet book tour along the way. Among other things, this excerpt published on Sewaholic, about finding the favourite items in your wardrobe and assessing your style, caught my attention. Tasia found her own favourites and explained them here. So I thought I’d have a crack.

Clockwise from top left: Burnt red rayon velvet dress, c.1930s/40s, purchased from Friperie St Laurent in Montreal, 2009; Sage green 1950s/60s cocktail dress, purchased from Clara Fox in Melbourne 2011; purple pencil skirt purchased from Uniqlo in Soho, NYC, 2009; Second hand silk scarf, collected from the same friperie at the same purchase in Montreal as the velvet dress, Christmas Eve 2009; Cue deep green silk blouse, purchased at the beginning of 2006 with a voucher from my old work mates upon leaving the LHMU to commence work full time in a proper ‘law talkin job’.

I’ve also attached a few detail shots of a few of these.


It’s probably clear that I’m attracted to texture and deep colours. Purple, red, green. Velvet is my absolute favourite fabric of all. I like things feminine, but not too pretty. The sage green dress is possibly an exception to this, but I protest any connection with girly prettiness by saying I wore it with a brown velvet (homemade) fascinator and a deep brown shiny Czech crystal necklace, also vintage. I like tailored and structured, not too flowy or flouncy.


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