The Table Decorations – Part (ii)


Here are some photos I took on Easter Sunday – which was the day we were all in the hall setting up, wedding-eve!

I will first say a few thanks.

To my friend Becca, who was a brilliant help with the decorations for the day. Becca (and my Mum) helped collect jars, vases, votives and other bits and pieces for holding flowers and candles. Becca made candle holders out of wooden frames, which sat on the table around a tea light. The light shone through plastic, on which was printed pictures of the hall, proteas and other old photos I had taken. Bec made a stack of these, with the frames sprayed in silver, for the tables and I can only guess at the hours it took for her to make them. They turned out perfectly. Becca and her Mum, Dad and fiance Tom all helped set up the hall for hours the day before the wedding and were there till pack up time (which was of course much later than any of us hoped). Becca helped me arrange the flowers, and her and Tom snuck into the hall after the ceremony, before all the guests arrived at the hall, to light candles, set up the projector to beam a photo on the back wall, bring some of the large church flower arrangements and hang pomanders over the balcony (which had been at the church for the ceremony). I doubt I even know about all the little things Becca, Tom and Bec’s parents did to make sure everything was just right on the day. Becca knows me very well, knows my taste and interests and did a phenomenal job of helping bring all the decorating together over many months. I will always remember and always be grateful for everything she did. It could not have been more perfect and I count myself very lucky to have had the benefit of her friendship and artistic flair.

Our parents helped with pretty much everything for months leading up to the wedding, including the set up of the hall on Easter Sunday and making sure everything was just right on the day. The list of jobs is too numerous to mention. Special mention to my Mum who you will see in  some of the photos finishing sewing the table runners (for which we used pieces of raw silk in different colours). Our parents, some of the groom’s relatives recently arrived from Ireland, my sisters, their partners and my cousins were all in and out of the hall for the working bee as well.

The flowers for the hall decorations (mostly sourced from Pollen Nation in Mt Lawley, but rosemary and pink proteas from groom’s mum’s garden) were predominantly: green orchids, white chrysanthemums, green disbud chrysanthemums, white orchids, white queen proteas and silver gum. After several discussions with the florist, I ordered bucket loads of flowers (all dependant on what was in season in Perth last April) in the colour scheme & style I wanted and was able to pick them up Easter Sunday and take them to the hall for arranging.

The photos are a bit grainy I’m afraid. Unfortunately I don’t really have a great range of shots of table decorations to choose from. But I hope you enjoy what’s there.



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