Vintage Style

It was always my very clear intention that the reception venue would have something of an old-world charm. I am especially inspired by the 1930s and 1940s – from the opulent world of late 20s/early 30s gatsby style soirees, to the more simple wartime austerity. I find the style and cut of the clothes appealing, I love the architecture and design from virtually the entire first half of the 20th century and the music is the kind of music that makes me want to dance.

Luckily for me, same goes for the groom.

I don’t know whether having bucket loads of money might have led me down a different path, but I preferred *not* to go down the opulent gatsby jazz-era style for our wedding (although it’s fair to say that the groom was smitten with the idea of having an ice sculpture). Instead, I rather liked something more like this: Table Set for Wedding Breakfast.

If you follow the link it will take you to a 1920s wedding breakfast, picture courtesy of the State Library of Western Australia, Pictorial Collection. Still fabulous and decorative, perhaps even a bit busy for my taste, but still, very appealing. (Note: the cake is *not* to my taste!)

We found an old deco hall (currently used in part for theatre and for the Camelot Outdoor Cinema) that was available, gorgeous and about to have some renovations done. It was perfect for what we wanted. Here are some links to different websites where the building is featured (you can also often find it in books about Art Deco architecture in Australia):

The Art Deco Society of WA

History of the Hall – MosArts

Art Deco Buildings at Blogspot

It’s a funny story how we came across it actually. I knew the cinema was there for years, but not being a western suburbs girl, visited there only occasionally. Before departing Perth for Melbourne (in Feb 2008, a few months after becoming engaged) I had poked around on the internet looking for other halls that might work, and even art deco residences. There was nothing that was really right. After moving to Melbourne, a friend from Perth mentioned that she had been in a function in the hall and that it would be a perfect place for our wedding reception. At around the same time, my Mum was visiting from Perth and while here in Melbourne, her and I and another friend headed out to the Art Deco Exhibition at NGV. While there, a projector was flashing images of art deco buildings up on a wall in the exhibition space and one of the featured buildings was the Memorial Hall. The seed was planted! Mum and I were convinced it was the place for our wedding. So, back in Perth, my mum & dad, the groom’s parents and one of my sisters had a bit of a tour and took some pictures for us to see here in Melbourne, of the inside of the hall. It was not a difficult decision after that to hire the hall! And even better for us, it was to be repainted and have the floors repolished prior to the wedding. Bonus. So in the next post, I will show some pictures of how it all turned out.

Incidentally, I should mention that we had fantastic jazz music at the hall for the wedding. Gavin Kerr & his quintet played a mix of swing & blues for us all night. Contact him here & here. I wish I knew and could publish the other band members’ names, but unfortunately don’t have them handy. By some uncanny luck, the replacement pianist for the night happened to have just won the James Morrison scholarship. The entire quintet were unreal and played what I am sure was an unusually long gig for all our guests to enjoy. We waltzed to “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off”. Listen to the lyrics, it’s more appropriate than you might think!


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