Table inspiration

The tables I put together (below) were partly inspired by pictures like these ones found at SMP:


and this one from Elizabeth Anne Designs (although pref minus the turf – and groom thinks it’s a bit bright as well):


I first started thinking along these lines because of a dinner party feature in the November 2006 issue of InStyle magazine. It was from well before I was engaged, but I had torn out the pages and kept them because I loved the style so much. This is the one (excuse the bad photo I took of the mag page – the original photos were taken by Venetia Dearden):

Venetia Dearden photograph of Alice Temperley dinner party

Venetia Dearden photograph of Alice Temperley dinner party


2 thoughts on “Table inspiration

  1. Larissa says:

    hey carita, sorry it’s taken me so long to look at this properly and comment. i think they are all pretty cool and i guess the hard part will be deciding which arrangment to go for….perhaps the time of the year will help you decide! i also like the idea of the candles in the jars, (we will just have to remind the mums to tell the kids not to touch them!) and the invitation/place card ideas are cool. witht the candles at night time ect, will brighter colours be better or more along the lines of the greens and softer coloured flowers? anyway, talk to ya soon, will try to look on here a bit more! xxooo riss.

  2. g2-c28db6498e80bd5995776b9a3d5c9f7e says:

    Hi Riss,

    I personally love the bright colours, but have a look through the older posts below, which have pictures of what we tried out at home. More greens and softer colours, which I think you’ll like – and those are what we’ll be going with I think.

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