Table Ideas IV: The finished tables

I did one table with the green runner and left one with a plain cream cloth.

Rosemary sprigs adorn the plates. The linen napkins are ours but will be hired for the wedding probably. Plates, cutlery & glasses are all whatever is lying around at home.

It doesn’t take many items to fill the table, and there will still need to be room for food (curries, rice, etc to be placed in the middle of the table). We just used our oddly shaped dining table and coffee table for these example tables, but I’m not certain how their sizes would compare with a standard tressle table.


Two place settings

Vase and flowers

Table 1

Table 1

Table 2

NB. I don’t think the photos quite do it justice. They would look different at night time for starters, and I struggled a bit getting good angles for the photos. I thought they looked more special in the flesh than the photos demonstrate!

Suffice to say the common themes are:

– everything doesn’t match. We like different sizes, colours, shapes and placement on the table

– generally speaking the arrangements are relatively low to the table

– mixes of flowers, depending what fits in any given jar!

– there are no roses, lillies or gerberas


One thought on “Table Ideas IV: The finished tables

  1. Rebecca Matheson says:

    These are really lovely!

    I badly wanted to do small pink proteas in my bridesmaids bouqets, but it was the wrong time of year.

    Beautiful flowers! Love the slight mix and match too.

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