Table Ideas II: Trinkety bits and pieces

So next comes the items used to hold and highlight the flowers and candles.

These bits and bobs were already my own:

Owned by me

From top left: an old Moccona coffee jar, tied with lace cut off an old shirt of mine; wine glasses – clear and painted; apothecary glass jars from a great shop in Gertrude St called Industria (which if I recall rightly, only cost me about 50c each); and then the paper flowers I have been making as per earlier posts.

Next comes a bunch of containers I bought from Savers (a bit like an enormous Vinnies or Salvos store) on Sydney Road in Brunswick. The whole lot cost me less than $7. The most expensive was the little silver/tin (?) jug. I’m clearly not well versed in the correct nomenclature for tablewear sorry! Anyway, here they are:

vases, jugs & miscellaneous containers

Next, some fabric and a pillar candle from Spotlight, also on Sydney Road. The fabric pieces were both off cuts, just to get an idea of colours, and cost $2 each. I would probably not use organza, but I bought it to get an idea of colour for now. The pillar candle (intended for the Moccona jar) was $4.

Organza & Candle

The whole collection:

Vases, Flowers & assorted other


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