Table Ideas I: The flowers

The next series of posts shows the materials I used to put together 2 different tables as examples of what I would like at the wedding reception. The tables will be shown in the last two posts.

In this one, you can see the flowers I bought to use for the tables. The plan is to buy flowers in bulk from a florist or wholesaler the day before, or two days before, the wedding in April. I bought these flowers from La Manna Fresh, a grocery store in Sydney Road, Brunswick. I just bought flowers in colours I was fond of, with different textures and sizes. I’m trying to avoid blue. I also bought rosemary, both for the plate settings (you’ll see it later) and for good filler/greenery for votives and vases. The plan is to use mostly small flower arrangements – to save cost and to help people see each other over the tables! (And because I think they look very pretty like that).

So – I bought dahlias and daisies ($5 per bunch – about 9 heads – and $4 per bunch respectively).

Dahlias and Daisies

Next were green orchids and rosemary ($5 per bunch and $3 per bunch):

Green Orchids & Rosemary

I’m not sure which, if any of these will still be in flower in April in Perth (I suspect all except the dahlias will be in season) but I’m just getting what I can now to show examples for everyone at home – and then in April will get whatever’s in season and looks pretty.


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