We are getting married in a chapel, which is built into part of an old converted warehouse. It’s very simple, not too tizzy and even has a steel beam running along the ceiling. It has wood/wicker chairs instead of pews and I was thinking that minimal adornment would be appropriate because I didn’t want to spoil the simplicity.

Also – the fewer flowers, the better for the budget!

I had been thinking that little pomanders might be nice to hang on the chairs along the aisles – even the ones made of oranges with cloves stuck all over them, which you can hang around the house at Christmas time.

By complete accident I stumbled across Vintage Glam’s own wedding photos, which showed these beautiful handmade paper pom-poms.


Vintage Glam's handmade orange paper pomanders

I think something like that would be perfect for our chapel – plus the more art & craft involved the merrier, in my opinion! Vintage Glam found the idea (and instructions) from Martha Stewart.


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