I knew from day dot that I didn’t really want to wear a veil but was musing over flowers (Billie Holiday style) or a little cap to go with 30s style waves.

THEN the thought of a fascinator with a little veil hit me. I started googling and re-discovered birdcage veils. I wondered about looking for them in shops like Circa, where I figured they’d cost me a fortune, or to look for new ones on Sydney Road – but then thought it should be something I could make quite easily. Plus it would be way more fun and way less expensive. Both of which are high priorities for the wedding. I love the idea of anything for the wedding I can do myself – a bit of art and craft in the evening usually has a calming influence on me.

I think the thought of making my on veil is what brought on sudden-onset bridezilla (refer post one). And I can make fascinators for the girls too! Very exciting.

I have found loads of pictures, plenty for sale, and even some very helpful instructions online.

For instructions on making a lovely fascinator see Meerkat Clippings. For beautiful photos of birdcage veils, see Merge Weddings, Aisledash & Stylemepretty. For veils for sale see Something Bold and Unveiled.

Once the project is underway I will be sure to update you with details – particularly once I’ve found fabric I’m happy with. Given the Spring Carnival, Lincraft in Melbourne is generally pretty helpful for head-wear, so that’s where I’ll hit first I think.


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